K. I. T. Showroom
Kids, infants and tweens!

K. I. T. Showroom

kids, infants and tweens

My start in this business is all due to one person, Bobbie Brody! She gave me my first internship, hired me for shows, and later formed a partnership with me that gave me all the guidance and knowledge I needed to take over the kid's showroom completely. Bobbie's many years of experience, extensive contacts in the industry and solid reputation helped me find my way in this industry. In 2011 Bobbie stepped back and I took over the showroom and renamed it K.I.T. Showroom, kids, infants, and tweens!

My goals for the showroom have not changed; I still only take in lines I feel truly passionate about. The showroom has become known for carrying fresh, modern and fun looks for kids, infants, and tweens. I like to think of the showroom as a boutique for boutiques, a place where buyers can get a personal experience, and where they can explore and create unique looks with my guidance.

Through several shows each season I cover the Midwest quite thoroughly. I am also very active in watching how the trends in buying are evolving and adjust accordingly with online marketing. I make sure I am available to my buyers anytime during the season, not just during the scheduled market dates. I also am continuing a tradition that Bobbie started and pay it forward by taking an active role in educating students that are interested in the field by hosting tours for several schools, and by taking in an intern each season. I believe it's both beneficial and rewarding for both the showroom and the students.